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Kartarpur Gurdwara Sahib Corridor is going to Open for Indian Sikhs on 9, November 2019. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan waived the condition of Passport and 20$ fees for the Indians but after 9 November they still have to pay 20$ Fees.

Access to Kartarpur Sahib now become easy for the Sikh pilgrims. Sikh community is much happier and they are very thankful to Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa, Novjet Singh Sidhu, and especially Imran Khan to make this dream possible for the Indian Sikhs community.

No doubt Kartarpur Sahib is very important for the Pakistani and Indian Sikh communities. Pakistani Govt makes it possible for Indians to enter Pakistan’s territory without any Visa or Passport, it’s a very good initiative from the Govt of Pakistan and the PM of Pakistan and now Kartarpur Sahib Corridor is going to open on the 550th Birth Anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak Sahib. Pakistan always plays an important role in peace with its neighbor and this mega project will close the people of two-nation after 72 years.

History of Kartarpur Sahib

Baba Guru Nanak was the first guru of the Sikh religion, he founded Kartarpur in 1504 CE on the river of Ravi. He died in 1539, Hindus and Muslims both were the followers of Baba Guru Nanak as he was always teaching about Peace and harmony and humanity he spends the last years of his life here, Kartarpur is Situated in Shakarhgarh which is a district of narowal Punjab Pakistan. Now Kartar Pur Gurdwara becomes the world’s largest gurdwara

Kartarpur Location

Kartarpur Darbar Sahib is Located in Shakargarh, District Narowal Punjab Pakistan you can also find the location by using google map ( 32°5′13″N 75°1′0″E )


Darbar Sahib Consist of 408 Acres of land, 204 acres for Roads, Bus Terminals, Border, and Parking, 871 Acres for Future Projects, and 408 acres for Gurdwara Darbar Sahib


Corridor will open early in the morning at 7:00 AM and will remain open till 2:00 PM after this entry will be close. Pilgrims can stay till 5:00 PM


Free Transporation will be provided to Sikh Pilgrims from Indian Border To Darbar Sahib which distance is 4.5 Kilometers

Instruction for Sikh Pilgrims

  • Entry Time 7:00 AM To 2:00 PM
  • Must-Have valid CNIC
  • No Need for a Passport and VISA
  • Don’t need to register 10 days before the visit
  • Pilgrims Cant Stay in Pakistan, they have to go back in the evening if they have VISA and they can stay here
  • Pilgrims who came from Kartarpur Border without VISA are not allowed to move anywhere instead of Gurdwara Sahib


  • You can carry eco-friendly materials like clothing bags
  • You Can carry 11000/- Indian Rupees
  • You Can carry one bag of 7kgs Like Drinking water


  • Smoking and Drinking alcohol are not allowed in the Buildings and Passenger terminal
  • Don’t touch any suspicious thing without informing authorities
  • Playing Loud Music without permission is not allowed
  • Photography of any other person is not allowed without permission

Prohibited Items

  • Sattelite Phone
  • Firearms & ammunition
  • Narcotic Drugs
  • Knife & Blades
  • Stamp Coins & Counterfeit currency
  • Any goods for the commercial or profit purpose
  • Radio Transmitters are not allowed
  • An object made of Gold except for personal or religious use is not allowed
  • Wildlife items
  • Wifi & Broadband devices
  • Liquor

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