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Pakistan Citizen Portal

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Pakistan Citizen Portal is a platform that connects all government organizations that are formed for people to help like education authorities, police, cybercrime departments, help centres, etc. This platform is active all over Pakistan through a mobile app. People can register complaints about anything on it from their homes and from anywhere. This is a brave and fair step from the government to address people’s complaints about any department. This step can shorten the distance between the government and the common people.

All Pakistanis, overseas Pakistanis, and others can file a complaint on the citizen portal without disclosing their identity.

The Pakistan Citizen Portal is a groundbreaking initiative launched by the government of Pakistan to empower citizens and foster transparency, accountability, and good governance. The portal, available in the form of a mobile application and website, serves as a platform for citizens to report their grievances, provide feedback on public services, and engage with government officials.

Features of the Pakistan Citizen Portal

1. Grievances Redressal: One of the primary functions of the Pakistan Citizen Portal is to enable citizens to register complaints and grievances regarding public services and government departments. Through the portal, users can lodge complaints about issues such as water shortages, electricity breakdowns, healthcare facilities, road maintenance, education services, law enforcement, and more.

2. Direct Communication: The portal facilitates direct communication between citizens and relevant government authorities. Once a complaint is lodged, it is forwarded to the concerned department or official for resolution. This direct line of communication streamlines the process of addressing citizen grievances and ensures timely responses.

3. Feedback Mechanism: In addition to lodging complaints, citizens can also provide feedback on the quality of services provided by various government departments. This feedback serves as an essential tool for evaluating the performance of public institutions and identifying areas for improvement.

4. Monitoring and Evaluation: The portal incorporates mechanisms for monitoring the progress and status of registered complaints. Users can track the resolution process and stay updated on the actions taken by relevant authorities in response to their grievances.

5. Data Analytics: The Pakistan Citizen Portal leverages data analytics to identify key trends in citizen complaints and feedback. This data-driven approach enables policymakers to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation, policy reforms, and service improvements.

6. Accountability: By providing a platform for citizens to voice their concerns and hold government entities accountable for their performance, the portal contributes to fostering a culture of accountability within public institutions.

Impact of the Pakistan Citizen Portal

The launch of the Pakistan Citizen Portal has had significant implications for governance and citizen engagement in Pakistan.

1. Citizen Empowerment: The portal empowers citizens by giving them a voice in shaping public policies and holding officials accountable for service delivery.

2. Transparency: By providing a transparent channel for reporting grievances and monitoring their resolution process, the portal enhances accountability within government departments.

3. Efficiency: The direct communication between citizens and government authorities facilitated by the portal leads to more efficient handling of public complaints and faster service delivery.

4. Data-Driven Decision-Making: The data generated through citizen complaints and feedback provides valuable insights that can inform evidence-based decision-making at both operational and policy levels.

5. Improved Service Delivery: Continuous feedback from citizens enables governments to identify systemic challenges in service delivery and take corrective measures to improve overall service quality.

Challenges Faced by the Pakistan Citizen Portal

While the Pakistan Citizen Portal has brought about positive change in citizen-government interactions, several challenges persist:

1. Digital Literacy: Limited digital literacy among certain segments of society poses a barrier to accessing and effectively utilizing the portal’s features.

2. Infrastructure Constraints: Inadequate internet connectivity in remote areas hinders widespread access to the portal, particularly in rural communities.

3. Administrative Capacity: Government agencies may face challenges in effectively responding to a high volume of citizen complaints submitted through the portal due to administrative capacity constraints.

How to complain?

  1. Download the Pakistan Citizen Portal App from the Play Store
  2. Register yourself on the App
  3. Give your basic information by filling out the given form
  4. Click on the register button
  5. Fill your details
  6. Now the user is registered
  7. After registration, the user logged into the app
  8. The user gives a username
  9. Enter password
  10. The main page will appear
  11. Click on the + button
  12. Now you can enter your complaint

Authorities on the Pakistan Citizen Portal:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Banking
  3. Communications
  4. Corruption
  5. Malpractice
  6. Development projects
  7. Disaster
  8. Emergency
  9. Education
  10. Energy and Power
  11. Environment and Forest
  12. Excise and Taxation
  13. FBR
  14. Health
  15. Human Rights
  16. Immigration and passport
  17. Investment
  18. Kamyab jawan
  19. Land Revenue
  20. Law and order
  21. Licenses, Certificates, and registrations
  22. Media, cyber crimes
  23. Municipal services
  24. NADRA
  25. Naya Pakistan housing and development
  26. Overseas Pakistani and call Sarzameen
  27. Social safety
  28. Registrations
  29. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
  30. Transport
  31. Youth Affairs


Users can give feedback on the app about the complaint, like whether it is solved or not. The user is satisfied or not with the services, etc.


  • Users don’t need to go to the office to comply
  • Users can complain from home
  • Users can direct complaints to the related authority
  • Users can hide their identity
  • Users can give feedback about the service
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