Careem Taxi | Cab Service

Careem Taxi

CAREEM Taxi | Cab Service

Dubai-based cab company CAREEM has recently introduced its services in Pakistan. CAREEM Taxi service provides door-to-door services in AC-conditioned cars. With the increase in the price of Diesel and lack of availability of CNG, we have seen a decrease in the usage of public transport. Now with CAREEM, you don’t have to stand on the roadside on a hot day and wait for a taxi or rickshaw.

How to use Careem Taxi?

To use CAREEM you need a smartphone with an internet connection. First, you have to download the CAREEM application on your phone and put some basic information like your name and phone number. To book a cab you have to feed your current location and your destination and the app will provide you with an estimated trip cost.

Payment Method

CAREEM provides a pay-in-cash method. This facility is introduced in Pakistan as people here don’t use credit cards. So no more bargaining with the cab driver as CAREEM Taxi has fixed rates depending upon kilometers. Charges increases if the captain of the car has to wait for the rider beyond a certain time. Charges also increase if there is too much traffic on the route.

Trip Types

CAREEM offers two types of plans for your trip NOW and LATER. NOW category is helpful if you are in a rush and you want to call a cab within minutes. The nearest CAREEM captain will arrive at your current location in no time at all. The other one is LATER, it is helpful when you are planning a trip ahead of time. To avail LATER, pre-book the car for a specific time. So that the car arrives at your location on time.

Vehicle Category

CAREEM offers different types of vehicle categories depending upon your needs and affordability range. It starts with Bike, Tezz, Go, Go Plus, and Business. If you are traveling alone you can book a Bike, it is cheap also efficient in the traffic. Tezz is a rickshaw service, it is useful if your destination is not far away else you might want to book a car. GO, GO Plus, and Business has Air-conditioned cars and all the cars are fully inspected by PakWheels.

Safety and Security 

CAREEM is providing secure and cheap transportation across the country. For your safety purposes, you are informed of the captain’s CNIC number and mobile number. CAREEM has also introduced a feature called “TRACK MY RIDE” by this facility your friends and family can track you during the ride and watch over you during your journey. Your family and friends also get basic information about the captain through SMS. This feature provides the customer with a sense of safety and security.

CAREEM is also creating a pool of job opportunities for people as CAREEM is hiring drivers for their services. CAREEM is currently available in the following cities of Pakistan which are Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Abbottabad, Hyderabad, Multan, and Sialkot Faisalabad, and Gujranwala. CAREEM’s services are getting more popular day by day and soon the service will be available in more cities of Pakistan.

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