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Zong Internet Packages details are available here. Now you can choose Zong 3G and 4G Internet packages of your own choice. Zong provides the best, cheapest, and highest quality internet data and social, Facebook, and WhatsApp packages, as well as YouTube streaming services in Pakistan. Zong 4g services have also been launched in Pakistan, but Zong 4G and 3G services are limited to a few big cities. Zong is expanding its 3G services all over Pakistan. Everyone knows Zong 3G speed is awesome. There are many competitors in the telecom sector,, but I think no doubt that Zong 3G is the best. Zong internet Packages are affordable and cheap. Zong 3g Data Packages details are provided below You can choose any of the Zong 3G packages. Zong daily internet package unlimited is one of the popular packages. Zong 4G Subscribe and unsubscribe codes are also provided.

Zong Internet Packages

Daily Basic Internet Package

PriceRs.23 + Tax
Validity1 Day
Internet MBs100 MBs

Daily Data Max

PriceRs.49 + Tax
Validity1 Day
Internet MBs500 MBs + 500 YouTube

Day Time Offer

PriceRs. 25 + Tax
Validity4 AM To 7 PM
Internet MBs1200 MBs

Good Night Offer

PriceRs. 25 + Tax
Validity1 AM To 9 AM
Internet MBs2.5 GB
Unsubunsub gno” to 6464

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Super Weekly Internet Package

PriceRs. 250 + Tax
Validity7 Days
Internet MBs4 GB

Super Weekly Plus

PriceRs. 350 + Tax
Validity7 Days
Internet MBs8 GB
Off-net Minutes60
SMSUnlimited SMS

Super Weekly Max

PriceRs. 420 + Tax
Validity7 Days
Internet MBs20GB (10 GB + 5 GB, 4 Am To 4 PM) 10 GB YouTube
Minutes100 All Network Minutes

Monthly Internet Packages

Monthly Mini 150

PriceRs. 150 + Tax
Validity30 Days
Internet Data150 MBs

Monthly Basic 500

PriceRs. 150 + Tax
Validity30 Days
Internet MBs500 MBs

Monthly Premium 3GB

PriceRs. 300 + Tax
Internet MBs3 GB

Monthly Premium 30GB

PriceRs. 744 + Tax
Internet MBs15 GB Internet + 15 GB YouTube and TikTok

Social Daily Package

PriceRs. 10 + Tax
Validity1 Day
Internet MBs100 MB ( Social )
Subscribe *6464#

Facebook Package

PriceRs. 5 + Tax
Validity1 Day
Social MBs50 MB ( Facebook )

Monthly Facebook Offer

PriceRs. 75 + Tax
Validity30 Days
Social MBs6 GB ( Facebook + Messenger )

Weekly YouTube Offer

PriceRs. 100 + Tax
Validity7 Days
Internet Data6 GB ( YouTube Streaming )
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