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Zong Good Night Subscribe 1 GB 3G Internet Offer

Zong Brings Good Night Offer for their Customers. Zong Good Night 3g Internet Offer is an exciting offer for those who are used to downloading big files and want to watch Live Streaming Videos whole all Night. Now Zong Brings an Exciting and unbelievable Offer “GoodNight Offer”. Yes, you Can Download 2 GB 3G Internet Data From 1 AM to 9 AM for the price of Rs 6 Only. Now you Can download and Surf the fastest internet of Zong whole the night without any hassle. No Doubt Zong is always ready to give a surprise to their customers with amazing Packages at low rates. 

Package Details

Zong Goodnight Offer is Valid From 1 am Night to 9 am Morning the Package Price is Rs 6 Plus Tax. This Offer is for 2G, 3G, and 4G Customers. You Can Enjoy 1 Gb of Data from Free Internet the whole night.


Method 1: To Subscribe to Zong Goodnight Offer Dial *6464# then press 5 in the menu and then select option no 1 for package confirmation.

Method 2: Just go to Write Ms. Option and Write GNO and send it to 646 after that you will soon receive a Package Confirmation message through Zong.


To Unsubscribe Zong Goodnight Offer Just Write Unsubscribe in a message and send To 6464 after a few seconds unsubscribe message will be sent to you by zong

Data Volume

The fair Usage Policy of Zong is 2 GB for Downloading, Streaming, and Surfing. You Can download Only 2 GB of Data after that normal rates will apply.

Check Remaining Data

To check the remaining internet volume, dial *6655#


  • This offer can coexist with all internet bundles except Good Night Offer.
  • Daytime Offers will have a higher priority on all other data bundles.
  • The Day Time Offer will be auto-renewed on a daily basis. If the customer runs out of balance &  recharges within three days, they will be auto-renewed.
  • This bundle is valid for all 2G/3G & 4G subscribers
  • Fair Usage Policy of 2GB i.e. users can download as much as they can within the download limit
  • The customer will be moved to his/her base package, as soon as 2GB of data is consumed
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