YouTube partners with Shopify to add live shopping features

YouTube partners with Shopify to add live shopping features

Last Updated on May 3, 2024 by Saddam Hassan Khan

YouTube is partnering with Shopify to bring a host of new live shopping features to the YouTube platform. With this integration, shoppers will be able to purchase products directly from videos, as well as view product reviews and compare prices while they shop. This partnership allows YouTube creators more opportunities to earn advertising revenue from their videos and also gives Shopify customers access to a wider range of products and services.

In a recent update, Shopify announced that users can now buy products while watching videos on YouTube. This new feature allows viewers to click on a product they see in a video and purchase it without ever having to leave the YouTube platform. The update is currently being tested with a small group of merchants and will be available to all Shopify users in the near future.

For Example, you are watching your favorites Youtube Videos and During Watching Videos complete list of Shopify products will be shown and you can make a successful Purchase while watching videos, which means you can do transactions of products during videos.

The second feature is for shorts, which introduces new video creation options and extends Short Drafts to iOS. The ‘Cut’ option in this allows the YouTuber to cut the video from one to five seconds which can be instantly posted as a short clip.

The cut option has been added to the create button where touching the three dots brings up the cut option. The original link of the cut full video can also be included in it, however monetization of this feature is not possible at present, but soon it will be possible to earn money from it. Another important option is short drafts which you can save more than one draft while creating a short video. It’s made faster and easier by YouTube,

You said that this feature will be started for US, India, and Brazil Viewers. While in other countries will be started in the next year.

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