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Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. It has over 26 million articles and is the fifth most popular website on the internet. Anyone can create an account and add, change or delete articles. Wikipedia is not biased and all entries are subject to review by other editors. Is Wikipedia a reliable source? Yes. A lot of people think that Wikipedia is unreliable because it can be edited by anyone, but this is not true. The content on Wikipedia is checked and reviewed numerous times before being published. Why should I use Wikipedia? Wikipedia is an excellent source of information. It is written by a large community of editors and can be trusted because they are not biased. Why should I trust Wikipedia?

How Wikipedia Works: The creation and editing of articles

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. It has over 24 million articles and was founded in 2001. It has been called the “encyclopedia of democracy” because it provides information on a wide range of topics, from world history to grammar. Wikipedia is not authoritative, and articles may be edited for accuracy or to conform to the policies of the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikipedia is written in English but is available in many languages. It has been translated into over 60 languages and is read by millions of people around the world. Wikipedia articles are created by volunteers called “editors,” “contributors” or “maintainers. As of March 2015, there were more than 8.5 million articles on Wikipedia. Each article is assigned an “article score” which indicates how well it has been written, and a “view count” which indicates the number of people who have viewed that page. After a language-specific editor has created an article, it is reviewed by other editors before being published. This process can take days or weeks and requires the agreement of a minimum number of reviewers. Wikipedia articles are not written by hand. The first draft of an article is written by the person who creates it. It must be written from a neutral point of view and follow the wiki’s policies. It is edited by at least one other Wikipedia editor, usually more, before being published.

Is Wikipedia true or fake?

Wikipedia is a website where anyone can write articles and make edits. This makes it a great site for researching information, but also raises the question of how reliable the information is. Wikipedia has been criticized for its inaccuracy, but a study in 2011 found that the site’s accuracy was comparable to that of Encyclopedia Britannica. Wikipedia is updated regularly, and the articles are checked to be accurate. Unless something needs to be corrected, you will find that most of what you see on Wikipedia is factually accurate. There may be some minor errors in specific articles, but these can usually be easily fixed.

Pros and Cons of Wikipedia: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Wikipedia is a website where anyone can write articles and share information. This makes it a great resource for finding information on a variety of topics, but it also means that the quality of the information may not be reliable. Wikipedia has both pros and cons:


-Wikipedia is free and easy to use.

-You can find information on almost any topic.

-The articles are generally well written and sourced.

-It can be edited by anyone who has an account.


-The information may not be reliable.

-Some articles are poorly written or inaccurate.

-It can be edited by anyone who has an account, which means that it can be vandalized or biased.

Who Writes Wikipedia?: The people behind Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the largest and most popular online encyclopedia. It is also one of the most controversial. Wikipedia is edited by anonymous volunteers who write without pay. The quality and accuracy of Wikipedia articles have been questioned, but studies have found that Wikipedia is as accurate as traditional encyclopedias. The editors of Wikipedia are not paid. They do not receive benefits or special treatment in any way. In fact, they have little control over what gets written on the site. There are many different types of articles on Wikipedia.

Conclusion: Is Wikipedia trustworthy?

Wikipedia is a website that allows anyone to edit articles. This makes it a very unreliable source for information. However, Wikipedia can be used as a starting point to find more reputable sources of information. Be careful when using Wikipedia for information. Be aware that not everyone who uses Wikipedia is an expert in the subject matter.

Wikipedia does not accept advertising, so it cannot be bought or sold. There are many different types of articles on Wikipedia. When to Use Wikipedia? Conclusion Is Wikipedia trustworthy? Yes. It is a reliable source of information, but it is not the only source of information. Review of sources: Is Wikipedia accurate? Yes, but Wikipedia is not the only reliable source.

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