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WhatsApp Web QR Code Scanner Whatsapp Web & PC

WhatsApp QR code scanner is one of the most popular features in smartphones Since people use WhatsApp all the time, WhatsApp introduces a new feature called WhatsApp web, with this feature we can open our WhatsApp chat on the computer’s browser and it synchronizes all our WhatsApp conversation. This feature is highly useful in terms that some people are comfortable typing on a keyboard rather than on a touchscreen. They can open the sent items on their PCs. And most of all you can put your phone on charge far away from you but still be connected on WhatsApp.

How to use Whatsapp QR Code?

You Can use whats app by using WhatsApp QR Code On your favorite browser and open this link https://web.whatsapp.com/, This link contains a QR code. On your smartphone open WhatsApp and tap on three dots on the upper right-hand side. Among other options, there is one called Web WhatsApp. When you tap on it a square camera appears with a green line going up and down. Bring your phone in front of your computer screen and adjust the camera such that the scanner scans the QR code. Once it is done scanning, VOILA!!  all chats are on your computer. Now you can give your phone to your kid to play games and still chat with your friends.

How to log out of Whatsapp web?

This feature of WhatsApp is quite helpful but it is also very important that you log out of the web WhatsApp to prevent any kind of abuse. There are two ways to log out of it, from your computer and from your phone. On your phone, you have to again open web WhatsApp on your WhatsApp application and there you can find all the previous devices on which you logged in to your account. Click on a particular device and log out or you call can log out of all the devices at once.

 If you want to log out of the browser, here again, you have three dots, click on them and select log out. It will log you out from this session and provide you with a new Whatsapp QR code.  


WhatScan is another application that provides you access and lets you spy on someone else’s WhatsApp conversations. To use this facility you first have to download WhatScan from Play Store. When you open the application it gives you a QR code. Now you have to grab the phone of the person whose conversations you want to spy on and open its web WhatsApp option from WhatsApp and scan the Whatsapp QR code of your own phone and now you will have access to his/her phone.

This application is quite useful if you want to keep an eye on your kid’s conversations with their friends or if you have a doubt that your partner might be cheating on you.

 Also, check on which devices you are logged in in case you think that someone is spying on you or get yourself logged out of all the devices just to be sure.

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