Ufone Internet Packages – Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Social 2024

Ufone 3g Packages

Ufone 3G/4G Internet Packages rates, details and subscribe, and unsubscribe codes are available here. Ufone provides the best and cheap 3g internet services in Pakistan. Ufone Packages are affordable, Ufone Provides low rates of internet services to customers. Ufone Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly Limited, and Unlimited 3G Packages detail are provided below. you can Choose Ufone Packages of your own choice and need. If you want to use the internet.

Ufone Internet Packages are starting from Rs.1. Because of low rates and different cheap packages Ufone is Targeting the Market in Pakistan very quickly and attracting telecom customers. We all know that competition with Telecom service providers is very tough and it,s very difficult to survive in the market, In spite of all this the eye-catching packages of Ufone 3g are competing with other mobile phone operators in Pakistan. Ufone Daily Internet Package, Ufone Weekly, 15 Days, and Monthly Packages details are available. We are providing details of all Ufone 3G/4G packages below.

Ufone Daily Internet Packages

Daily Light Internet Package

Daily Light Internet Bundle is specially designed for customers who mostly use social media like WhatsApp and Facebook. Ufone also gives bonus internet data of 40 MB of Internet Data in this Package.

Ufone has announced a new internet package for its prepaid customers. Ufone offers 1 GB of Social internet data for Rs 13(incl. tax). The package can be subscribed by dialing *2256# from your Ufone number. Once subscribed, the customer will also have access to 40 MB of internet data for one day. This is a great offer from Ufone, especially since other operators are offering 1 GB of data for Rs 100 or more.

PackageDaily Light
PriceRs.13 (incl. tax)
Validity1 Day
Free Resources1 GB MB Social + 40 Mb Internet
Status Code*706#

Daily Special

Special offer for one day with social and internet Mbs is specially designed for the customers who use social media at night time. Package details are given below.

PackageDaily Special
PriceRs.7 (incl. tax)
Validity1 AM To 9 PM
Free Resources750 MB Social + 50 MB Internet
Status Code*706#

Mega Internet

Night Time 2GB Internet Offer provides the best offer for those who work at night time the user can download and browse without any hesitation because 2 GB of Internet data is enough from 1 AM To 8 AM, check out other details below.

PackageMega Internet
PriceRs.17 (incl. tax)
Validity12 AM To 12 PM
Free Resources2 GB
Status Code*706#

Daily Heavy

Daily Internet & Social Offer provides you best and most attractive package for one day. You can use 500 Mb of Social and 75 Mb of Internet data and keep it online the rest of the day.

Package Daily Heavy
PriceRs.18 (incl. tax)
Validity1 Day
Free Resources500 MB Social + 75 MB Internet
Status Code*706#

Best Morning Offer

Best Morning Offer is suitable for those customers, who want to use the internet in the morning, most business people use this package because in Big Cities most shop owners open their shops after 12 PM

PackageBest Morning Offer
PriceRs.6 (incl. tax)
Validity9 AM To 12 PM
Free Resources2 GB Internet
Status Code*706#

Daily Off-Peak Plus

Daily Off-Peak Plus Offer, 1.5 GB of Internet Data from 6 AM To 6 PM

PackageDaily Off-Peak Plus
PriceRs.12 (incl. tax)
Validity6 AM To 6 PM
Free Resources1.50 GB Internet
Status Code*706#

Youtube Streaming Offer

Want to Watch Movies or Dramas on Youtube? just subscribe to the Youtube Streaming offer and watch videos on youtube only for rs.10 for 1 Hour.

PackageYoutube Streaming Offer
PriceRs.10 (incl. tax)
Validity01 Day
Free Resources500 MB Youtube
Status Code*706#

Daily Whatsapp Offer

PackageDaily Whatsapp Offer
PriceRs.1.2 (incl. tax)
Validity1 Day
Free Resources100 MB Internet
Status Code*706#

Daily Chat Offer

PackageDaily Chat Offer
PriceRs.6 (incl. tax)
Validity1 Day
Free Resources500 MB Whatsapp Data + 10,000 SMS
Status Code*706#

3 Days Internet Package

3 Days Internet & Social Offer is better for those who want to become tension-free for three days and want to keep online they can subscribe to this Package by following the details below.

Package3 Day Bucket
Validity3 Days
Free Resources500 MB Social + 100 Mb Internet
Status Code*706#

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

Ufone Offers weekly internet offers for those customers, who want data for the whole week, there are different packages given below, choose according to your data need.

Weekly Heavy Internet Package

PackageWeekly Heavy Internet
PriceRs.240 ( Load )
Validity7 Days
Free Resources16 GB Internet ( 8 GB 1 AM To 9 AM )
Status Code*706#

Weekly Super Internet Offer

After the Weekly offer, Ufone launched a weekly Super Internet offer for those who need more data in a week so with a load of Rs.145 you can get more data up to 1.50 GB for the whole week to subscribe to this offer see below section.

PackageWeekly Super Internet
PriceRs.145 ( Load )
Validity7 Days
Free Resources1.50 GB
Status Code*706#

Weekly Internet Plus

PackageWeekly Internet Plus
PriceRs.199 ( Load )
Validity7 Days
Free Resources10 GB ( 5 GB 1 AM TO 9 AM )
Status Code*706#

Weekly Internet Max

PackageWeekly Internet Max
PriceRs.80 ( Load )
Validity7 Days
Free Resources25GB ( 1 AM TO 9 AM )
Status Code*706#

Ufone Youtube Offer

PackageUfone Youtube Offer
PriceRs.110 ( Load )
Validity7 Days
Free Resources5 GB ( Youtube Data )
Status Code*706#

Ufone TikTok Offer

PackageUfone TikTok Offer
PriceRs.55 ( Load )
Validity7 Days
Free Resources1.5 GB ( Tiktok Only)
Status Code*706#

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Monthly Light

The monthly light package is designed for those who always keep in touch with their friends and fans on social media so for social media active customers Ufone brings a special package of 2 GB Social and 1 GB Internet Data for the whole month.

PackageMonthly Light
PriceRs.390 ( Load )
Validity30 Days
Free Resources2 GB Social + 1 GB Internet
Status Code*706#

Monthly Heavy

Monthly Heavy Package is a balanced package for both customers who need social and internet Package at once means 30 GB of Internet Data for 30 Days.

PackageMonthly Heavy
PriceRs.699 ( Load )
Validity30 Days
Free Resources30 GB ( 15 GB 1 AM To 9 AM)
Status Code*706#

Super Internet Plus

Monthly Super Internet Plus Package is for those who need a lot of data for the whole month without any tension and they also rewarded social data of 2 GB as a bonus.

PackageSuper Internet Plus
PriceRs.529 ( Load )
Validity30 Days
Free Resources18 GB ( 9 GB – 1 To 9 AM )
Status Code*706#

Monthly Whatsapp Offer

Customers who are just busy chatting with their friends and school, college, or office friends can avail of this offer because Ufone brings an exciting offer of 1 GB of WhatsApp Data for the whole month.

PackageMonthly Whatsapp Offer
PriceRs.50 ( Load )
Validity30 Days
Free Resources6 GB Whatsapp Data
Status Code*706#

Monthly Social

The monthly Social offer provides 1 GB of Social Data for 30 days with this you can use Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp for the whole month.

PackageMonthly Social
Validity30 Days
Free Resources1 GB Social Data
Status Code*706#

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