Ufone Hourly Internet Package | Sub, Unsub, Code, 1 rupee

Ufone Hourly Internet Package

Last Updated on May 3, 2024 by Saddam Hassan Khan

Ufone Hourly Internet Package Sub. Unsub, Code, 1 rupee 

We are going to discuss Hourly Internet Packages which Ufone is offering for Rs.1 Rupee only with Ufone Hourly Internet Package you can download, Upload and browse the unlimited Internet in an hour. Ufone is one of the Telecom companies which is offering such a low rate and affordable package for Ufone Customers. If you don’t use Ufone internet on daily basis but once a day you need to use the Ufone Hourly Internet package, you can subscribe to Ufone hourly internet Package and can enjoy unlimited downloading and uploading of Facebook and other social media apps.

If you are on the way or need 3g and fast internet at a very low rate then Just Subscribe to this package and feel free for 1 hour only in 1 rupee charges, after one-hour hourly internet package will automatically unsubscribe you don’t need to unsubscribe this package. Ufone always gives affordable packages as per customers’ needs. Ufone is one of the best Telecom services in Pakistan. Ufone attracts its customers with a cheap and affordable package. Hourly Internet Package is economical for Ufone Internet Customers. Ufone Hourly Internet Package is giving you freedom for 1 Hour only in 1 Rupee. Ufone hourly internet Package Subscribe, Unsubscribe, and status check codes are available to subscribe to the package and enjoy Unlimited Ufone Internet Package hourly.

Subscription Code

Write Sub and SMS To 7808 or Dial *7808#


The validity of this Hourly package is 1 Hour


The price of the Ufone Hourly Package is 1 Rupee Only


  • Ufone Hourly Internet Package will expire after 1 hour Automatically
  • You Can avail this offer once a day.
  • There is not any unsub Code for the hourly Package. The Package will expire after 1 hour.

Dear Customers, 1 Rupee Hourly Mobile Internet Offer will not be available from 27th June 2016. To Subscribe new Mobile Internet Offers Dial *3# and Select Internet bundles of your own choice

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