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Phoenix battery price List in Pakistan is available here. Phoenix batteries are a reliable battery company in Pakistan. Phoenix batteries are powerful and quality-wise good. Phoenix battery company provides 6 Months Service Warranty. Phoenix batteries for Ups, motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, and solar systems are available. There is a wide range of Phoenix batteries are available. Phoenix battery Type and Pricelist are mentioned below kindly check and choose as per your need.

Phoenix Battery is a battery company that specializes in providing high-quality batteries to consumers and businesses worldwide. Phoenix offers a variety of products, including lithium-ion batteries, nickel-metal-hydride batteries, and lead-acid batteries.

There is no question that the battery industry is booming. In fact, it’s predicted to grow by 18% in 2020. This means that more and more companies are looking for reliable and affordable batteries to power their products. And one company that is leading the pack when it comes to battery technology is Phoenix Battery. Phoenix Battery was founded in 1978 and has since become one of the leading battery companies in the world.

Phoenix Battery has developed a new type of lithium-ion battery that they call the C-Battery. The C-Battery is a lithium-ion battery that uses carbon material instead of graphite as the anode. According to Phoenix Battery, their new type of battery can be charged and discharged hundreds of times without losing capacity

What Are Phoenix Batteries Used For?

Phoenix batteries are among the most popular types of car batteries. They are known for their durability and longevity. Phoenix batteries are used in a variety of euipments, including cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and motorcycles. They can also be used in power tools and other electronics.

Phoenix Battery Price List

Phoenix Battery is a startup that is shaking up the battery industry with its innovative technology. Started by a team of engineers with over 150 combined years of experience in the battery industry, Phoenix Battery has developed a new type of lithium-ion battery that they believe will be the future of batteries. Their technology uses carbon nanotubes as anodes and graphene as cathodes, which they claim offer many benefits over traditional batteries.

Battery TypePrice (Rs.)
UGS 21516,800.00
XP 22015,500.00
XP 18511,500.00
XP 1107,200.00
XP 1459,400.00
EXT 1309,500.00
XP 110 RL8,000.00
XP 1005,500.00
XP 806,000.00
XP 655,700.00
XP 55L4,700.00
XP 20515,000.00
XP 45L3,600.00
UGS 17511,300.00
XP 20516,300.00
XP 16011,700.00
XP 13510,000.00
XP 1258,600.00
EXT 1258,800.00
XP 1057,300.00
XP 886,500.00
XP 806,000.00
XP 705,000.00
CNG 605,200.00
CNG 504,000.00
XP 50L4,500.00
XP 16510,900.00


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