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Pesco Online Duplicate Bill Detail is available here, Now you can Check and Download a Copy of Pesco ( Peshawar Electricity Supply Company ) PESCO provides electricity to Khyber Pakhtun Khan Province and gives their best services to their consumers. PESCO is improving day by day. In the past, services were not good as compared to the last 5 years. PESCO launched a website to register complaints, and other details are available there. Consumers can also copy, check, print, and download duplicate bill prints of PESCO by entering the reference number, as you can see in the picture above. If you lost the PESCO bill or have not received it by the due date, you don’t have to worry. Just visit the PESCO website and download or check your current electricity bill copy.

Download the online PESCO duplicate bill here. Peshawar Electric Power Company’s online bill and print service is available here. If you lost your PESCO bill and want a copy of your electricity bill, you can download it here with a simple method.

Just visit PESCO and enter your reference number, which you can find on any previous bill and click submit After a few seconds your updated bill will be available, You can also view and print this bill

Print Online PESCO Duplicate Bill

Sometimes in a year, it happens that a consumer goes on vacation and there is nobody to pay the electricity bill and nobody wants to cut their connection or want to pay extra charges after the due date for customer ease PESCO provides a link where you can submit your bill reference number, and your current month’s bill will appear. You can pay online via EasyPaisa, JazzCash, or from any bank account. If you are present at home and, due to any mistake, the Wapda bill is not received, just visit the website, download a copy, and give it to any nearest Easypaisa shop or bank to pay the outstanding bill.

If you are having a problem downloading the PESCO duplicate bill, just use the above link, enter the reference number of Peshawar Electric Supply Company’s bill reference number, and download the latest bill.

  • Sometimes it happens that your electricity bill lost due to some reason, like a postmaster’s delivery mistake
  • Lost Bill
  • You are away from the house on the due date so you don’t have to worry Just use this service to pay the electricity bill from anywhere


Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) is one of the major power distribution companies in Pakistan. Established in 1998, PESCO is responsible for distributing electricity to over 2.6 million consumers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan’s northwestern province. With its headquarters located in Peshawar, the company plays a pivotal role in ensuring the provision of reliable and affordable electricity to a large population.

PESCO’s primary responsibilities include the distribution and supply of electricity across its designated region. The company operates and maintains the infrastructure that delivers electricity from the national grid to homes, businesses, and industries within its service area. This encompasses managing power transmission lines, substations, meters, and other electrical equipment essential for maintaining a stable and efficient supply of electricity.

As with most public utility companies, customer service is a top priority for PESCO. The company provides various services related to billing, new connections, disconnections, and addressing customer complaints. It continuously strives to enhance customer satisfaction by offering convenient ways for consumers to interact with the company and ensure efficient response mechanisms for problem resolution.

In recent years, PESCO has also been focusing on upgrading its infrastructure to mitigate power losses, improve efficiency, and meet increasing energy demands. This includes initiatives such as upgrading transmission lines and improving load management systems to reduce technical line losses and ensure more reliable power delivery.

Moreover, efforts are being made by PESCO to incorporate technological advancements into its operations. By implementing digital metering systems and modernizing billing processes through online platforms or mobile applications, the company aims to streamline operations while providing customers with easier access to their consumption data and billing information.

One of the significant challenges that PESCO faces is tackling power theft and reducing non-technical losses within its operational area. Additionally, ensuring proper maintenance of infrastructure amidst adverse environmental conditions remains crucial for uninterrupted power supply.

PESCO operates under the regulatory framework set by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), which oversees the functioning of all electric supply companies in Pakistan. Through compliance with NEPRA’s regulations and guidelines pertaining to tariffs, quality standards, safety measures, and consumer rights protection; PESCO aims to maintain transparency and accountability in its operations.

The organization also collaborates with government entities such as WAPDA (Water And Power Development Authority) as part of broader initiatives aimed at enhancing energy production capacity through a mix of conventional sources like hydropower along with exploring renewable energy options including solar or wind power generation.

In conclusion, as an integral part of Pakistan’s electricity distribution network, PESCO plays a crucial role in facilitating energy access for millions of people while contributing towards economic development across its operational region. Through strategic investments in infrastructure improvements coupled with customer-centric service offerings aligned with industry best practices; PESCO endeavors to meet growing energy requirements efficiently while upholding standards of service excellence in tandem with national regulatory directives.


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