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Payoneer | Card, Pakistan, Create Account

Payoneer | Card, Pakistan, Create Account

Last Updated on September 8, 2023 by Saddam Hassan Khan

Payoneer Card in Pakistan – How to Create account and Purpose

What is a Payoneer card?

Payoneer is an online banking system that helps us to receive money through international clients. It is a quick and low-cost solution to getting paid. Whether you work with global marketplaces or directly with international clients, with an account you can easily receive payment and access your funds no matter where in the world you are. Since PayPal is not available in Pakistan and it’s a close alternative and hence very famous amongst Freelancers.

What is the Purpose of Payoneer?

If you work as a freelancer or you work online then you can receive your payment in your Payoneer account you can then receive it in your local account. You can also use the card as a debit card and get your money through any ATM machine which supports MasterCard transactions. You can use your card for purchasing a domain name, shopping or placing an online order.

How to Create a Payoneer account?

You can make an account by simply opening the Payoneer website and clicking on Sign Up, entering your personal and bank details, and applying for an account. For making an account, it is compulsory to have a local bank account. In case you don’t have a bank account then you can put details of your parents or siblings and make a Payoneer account with their names.

If you make your direct account through Payoneer you don’t get any advantage. But it allows the referral system through which you can and your sponsor can get Rs. 2500 once you receive an amount of Rs. 10000 in your account. And once you get your account you can also send referrals to others and earn money.

Payoneer Card

With 3 million customers around the world and providing them with free  Card was a loss for them. Due to this Payoneer has stopped providing the free-of-cost card. You can still get a Card but now you have to pay around Rs 3000 per year. Every transaction with a Payoneer card will cost around Rs. 200 but there are no charges when you transfer money from the account to your local bank account. It is convenient if you have a local bank account just put your bank details on the Payoneer account and no need to apply for the card.

If you apply for the card then once you receive it you need to activate it and for that purpose, you need an activation key that is present in the letter that you received with the card. Then log in to your account and enter the pin code you can also change the pin code if you want. You can withdraw money from any ATM machine which supports MasterCard transactions.

Payoneer can be a real benefit for your business since it’s so easy to use and it is a very attractive opportunity to help you to grow your business and to reduce your cost.


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