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Last Updated on May 3, 2024 by Saddam Hassan Khan

Beware of Fraud Ads on OLX and other Websites

OLX Scammers are active nowadays. There are a few things you should know while using online shopping or classified ads Website OLX. During searching for the desired thing, we should keep an eye on the people who are posting Fraud ads on the website. We are going to Some Fake ads with proof that they are frauds with fake profiles.

Some Points To avoid Fraud Seller on OLX

Millions of People use Olx across Pakistan, No doubt it’s one of the Top Classified ad Posting Websites in Pakistan, but before buying we must identify whether the seller is a fraud or not. There are some points to identify the seller’s fake profile or advertisement they are posting.

How To Identify Fake Ads on OLX

About thousand of ads being a posted on OLX by the different sellers on the internet, definitely, there are a few sellers with a fake profiles who are active on the internet market by selling their products at cheap prices. Person Post an advertisement for any household thing or Mobile Phone, Laptop, Digital Cameras on Half price and they showed that they are selling in cheap price because they go abroad. 

Suppose you are looking for a DSL Camera Model D3200 but you don,t know the real Price of the Camera, search for an ad that appears with a Price of 13,000 and with two Lenses, of course, it’s an attractive offer to buy Nikon D3200. There are two types of buyers No.1 who are not aware of the Price of that camera and 2nd who know that the Nikon D3200 Price is around about 30,000, yes they rapidly want to grab this wonderful offer from a Fake seller and contact Him or her.

You can see in the Picture that this Seller is Totally Fake and Selling Nikon D3200 with two extra Lenses, the Price of the Extra Lens is near about 13,000 and he is selling with a Camera total Price of this Camera would be near about 42,000. How can anyone sell his market value product at a cheap price and wait for the buyer to buy on OLX? If he is needy, he can sell directly to the shop. After seeing this ad when you contact him he said he does not belong to your city sorry he can’t sell his camera to you. But a low Price offer makes you greedy to have that one camera and they said ok I can send you By Courier service please make Payment. After getting Payment from you he became vanished and switched off their cell phone. Most the Scammers are a girl because it is easy to deceive any person in Pakistan.

Points To Avoid Fake Seller on OLX

  • Always Meet Seller in Public Place
  • Don,t deal with People who are selling products at very low prices
  • Some are selling Copy of Samsung Phone which is not easy to check
  • Don,t make payment before receiving or sending the Product
  • Watch out for Fake Currency and Money Orders
  • Ask the Buyer to provide CNIC or Passport Copy
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