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Nadra CNIC Tracking System is the best way to track your Nadra CNIC application. Now you can easily check and track your Nadra ID card by giving your CNIC or application number. The Nadra Pakistan CNIC system is directly connected with the Nadra Database system, which will track your application against your CNIC. You do not need to go to the NADRA office; with one click, you can track your CNIC through an online NADRA CNIC tracking system.

Nadra website works very fast and gives you the real-time result of the current status of your application. All details about Nadra Office like Nadra Office timings and other pieces of information also available. Nadra Offices Contact Numbers with city names are also available. Now you can easily search NADRA Office phone numbers by city name and can directly contact Nadra Office the for queries. All details about Nadra Offices are available below if you have a problem with Nadra Tracking or your Nadra ID Card Process is slow or not showing on Tracking kindly contact on given Nadra Offices numbers. Nadra Offices District and city names are mentioned below for further information, kindly comment below.

What is the national ID card?

The National ID Card is a document that every Pakistani citizen is required to have. It contains information such as the individual’s name, date of birth, address, and other identifying information. The card is used for identification purposes, and it is necessary for everyday tasks such as opening a bank account or getting a driver’s license.

The Computerized National ID Card was introduced in 2002, and it has been controversial since its inception. Critics argue that the card makes it easy for the government to keep track of its citizens and infringes on their privacy. Others argue that the card is essential for security purposes and that it helps to prevent identity theft.

Regardless of the debate, the National ID Card is now a mandatory document for all Pakistani citizens. Those who do not have one can face penalties such as fines or jail time.

The CNIC was introduced to improve security and prevent identity theft and fraud. The card contains the holder’s name, date of birth, place of birth, father’s name, mother’s name, and a photograph. It also has a chip that stores biometric information, such as fingerprints and iris scans.

Since its introduction, the CNIC has become an essential part of everyday life in Pakistan. It is required for tasks such as opening a bank account, getting a job or renewing a passport.

NADRA CNIC Tracking 

The card, which is also known as the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), contains the holder’s name, address, date of birth, and other identifying information. It is issued by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and is required for all Pakistani citizens over the age of 18.

The introduction of the CNIC was not without controversy, as some felt that it violated privacy rights and could be used to track citizens’ movements. However, the government has defended the card as a necessary security measure, particularly in light of the terrorist attacks that have occurred in Pakistan in recent years.

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NADRA is one of the main system integrators in the worldwide proof area and gloats broad involvement in planning, executing, and working answers for corporate and open-source customers. NADRA offers its customers an arrangement of adjustable answers for recognizable proof, e-administration, and secure reports. NADRA has effectively actualized the Biometric National Identity Card and Biometric e-passport answers for Pakistan, Passport Issuing System for Kenya, Bangladesh High-Security Driver’s License, and Civil Registration Management System for Sudan amongst different tasks.

How has it developed over time?

Pakistan’s national ID card has undergone several changes since it was first introduced in 1951. The original card was simply a way to identify citizens and did not contain any personal information. In the 1980s, the card was updated to include a photo and basic biographical information such as name, address, and date of birth. In 2000, the Pakistani government began issuing a more sophisticated ID card that included fingerprint and iris data. The current version of the card, which was introduced in 2013, also contains a chip that stores the holder’s medical history and other important information.

The national ID card is an important part of Pakistani life and is used for everything from voting to opening a bank account. The government is constantly working to improve the security features of the card to prevent fraud and identity theft.

What are the benefits of having a national ID card?

The CNIC has helped to improve the security of Pakistan’s citizens by making it more difficult for criminals to obtain fake ID cards. It has also made it easier for the government to track down criminals and terrorists, as well as to provide services to citizens. For example, the CNIC can be used to confirm a person’s identity when they are applying for a bank account or registering to vote.

The CNIC has been generally well-received by Pakistanis, who see it as a valuable tool for protecting their rights and safety.

Chiniot – NADRA Office

  Tehsil   Name   Address   Contact #
  Chiniot   Nadra Office Chiniot   Faisalabad Road Chiniot   0476335301-5
  Bhowana   Nadra Office Bhowana   Amin Pur Road Bhowana   0476201010
  Lalian   Nadra Office Lalian   Thana Road Lalian   0476610707

Toba Tek Singh – NADRA Office

  Tehsil   Name   Address   Contact#
  Toba   Nadra   Rajana Road Toba   0469239040-41
  Kamalia   Nadra   Iqbal Bazar Kamalia   0463416916
  Gojra   Nadra   New plot Gojra   0469200042-41

D G Khan – NADRA Office

  Tehsil   Name   Address   Contact #
  DG Khan   NADRA Offices   Behind Girls College Model Town DG Khan   064-9260310
  Taunsa Sharif   NADRA Offices   Near NBP Taunsa Sharif   0642-601729

Gujranwala – NADRA Office

  Tehsil   Name   Address   Contact#
  Gujranwala   NRC Executive Gujranwala   Crecsent Market opposite sangham cinema near new railway station Gujranwala   055-3820777
  Gujranwala   NRC-2 Gujranwala   Corporation Building Sheikhupura More GTRoad Gujranwala   055-9230135-195
  Gujranwala   NRC Qila Didar Singh   Hafizabad Road Near Civil hospital Qila Dedar Singh   055-4712153
  Kamonki   NRC Kamonki   Near Sadar Police station G T Road Kamoki   055-6818402
  Nowshera Vikran   NRC Nowshera Vikran   Tehsil Office Noshrah Virkan   055-6761057-58
  Wazirabad   NRC Wazirabad   G T Road near truck stand Wazirabad   055-6605802
  Wazirabad   NRC Ghakhar   Corporation Building  G T Road Ghakhar  
  Wazirabad   SMU Ali Pur Chattah   Corporation Building  Ali Pur Chattah  

Faisalabad – NADRA Office

  Tehsil   Name   Address   Contact#
  Faisalabad City   City Faisalabad   Civil Line Liaqat Road   041-9201065-66
  Faisalabad City   City Faisalabad   Ghulam Muhammad Abad   041-2699669
  Faisalabad City   City Faisalabad   Madina Town   041-9200489
  Faisalabad City   City Faisalabad   Kohe Noor Plaza   041-8501652
  Faisalabad City   City Faisalabad   Millat Town   041-8786876
  Faisalabad City   City Faisalabad   Saman Abad   041-2660084
  Jaranwala   Khurianwala   Khurianwala City   041-4362359
  Jaranwala   Jaranwala   Jaranwala City   041-4316455
  Samundari   Samundari   Samundari City   041-3424621
  Tandlainwala   Tandlianwala   Tandlianwala City   041-3442546
  Chak Jhumra   Jhumra   Jhumra City   041-8527605-606

Hafizabad – NADRA Office

  Tehsil   Name   Address   Contact #
  Hafizabad   NADRA   Near Jinnah Chowk Gujranwala Road   0547-525964

Jhelum – NADRA Office

  Tehsil   Name   Address   Contact #
  Jhelum   NSRC Jhelum   Civil Lines Bilal Town Jhelum   0544 9270087
  PD Khan   NSRC PD Khan   Jhelum PD Khan Road  


Bahawalnagar – NADRA Office

  Tehsil   Name   Address   Contact #
  Bahawalnagar   NADRA   Model Town Bahawalnagar   063240157
  Chishtian   NADRA   Satellite Town Chishtian   0632501676
  Haroonabad   NADRA     0632253904
  Fortabbas   NADRA     0632512017
  Minchinabad   NADRA   Behind Police Station  Minchinabad   0632751436

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  7. I want to change my CNIC to smart card in District Tall but he want 2000 from us, my CNIC will be expired in 2020 , How much I will spend for smart card I never believed in our District nadra people because they are lied & cheated with people’s, I’m overseas Pakistani

  8. Dear, Could you provide me clarification regarding when someone applies for new NIC card Nadra capture their fingerprints to recognized that particular person through their fingerprints in future if required. If someone don’t remember their NIC card number neither they don’t have photo copy of their NIC card which was stolen and that person goes to the NADRA office and request duty officer to pull their information by biometric system butt officer Denise and says we don’t have an excess to pull your existing information through your fingerprints. So may I ask why NADRA take the fingerprints in first place if they can’t pull the information for that particular person through biometric system when required. If their is any NADRA centre in Lahore can help me to pull up exciting information through fingerprints please let me know. I will wait for your kind reply.Thanks

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