Mobile Phone Taxes in Pakistan | PTA Tax Calculator 2024

Mobile Phone Taxes in Pakistan

Are you looking for mobile phone taxes in Pakistan? The PTA Tax Calculator will show you how much tax you have to pay. The PTA has imposed new taxes on the import of mobile phones in Pakistan. The tax, which is effective immediately, will be levied. Tax rates vary from 5% to 17%, depending on the price range of the device. This news comes as a blow to consumers and businesses, who were already struggling with the high cost of living and doing business in Pakistan. The PTA Mobile Phone Tax Calculator is given below. Check how much you have to pay for your phone.

The PTA says that the Mobile phone tax is necessary to generate revenue for the government. However, many people see it as another way for the government to exploit its citizens. The high cost of living and doing business in Pakistan has driven many people into poverty, and this new tax will only make things worse.

PTA Mobile Phone Taxes

Businesses are particularly upset by the new tax, as they will now have to pay even more for telecommunications services. This will likely lead to increased prices for consumers and reduced profits for businesses. In an attempt to increase revenue, the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has imposed a tax, on the import of mobile phones. The new tax, which went into effect in Jan 2019, will be levied on all mobile phones brought into the country, regardless of their value.

The PTA says that the tax is necessary, to help offset the cost of providing telecommunications services in Pakistan. However, many consumers and businesses are unhappy with the new measure, arguing that it will drive up the cost of cell phones, and make them less affordable. Some industry analysts have also expressed concern that the tax could hurt Pakistan’s nascent telecoms sector. They argue that it could discourage foreign investors, from setting up shop in Pakistan and lead to a decline in overall investment in the sector.

PTA Tax Calculator 2024

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), has announced the list of taxes to be levied on the import of mobile phones into the country. The tax rates vary from 5% to 17%, depending on the price range of the device. Officials say that this is an effort to reduce smuggling and ensure that only legal devices are imported into Pakistan. According to sources the handset will block after 60 days of import. Sources also revealed that the PTA is working on a strategy to block smuggled handsets in the country.

PTA Stated that NON-PTA-approved devices will not be imported to Pakistan. This means that all Apple iPhones and other high-end devices, will not be available in Pakistan, as these are not registered with PTA.

Experts say that this move by the PTA is likely to increase the prices of mobile phones in Pakistan, as most phones will now be subject to a 17% tax rate. This could also lead to an increase in smuggling, as people try to find ways to bypass the new taxes.

PTA Tax Collection

Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) announced imposing taxes on mobile phone imports. The PTA’s statement says, that the authority will start collecting taxes from all cellular companies from the 1st of January 2019. Cellular companies have been asked to share the list of all imported handsets with PTA so, that the authority can determine the tax rates.

It is still unclear, what will be the tax rates for different handsets, but it is believed that those imported phones that are priced above Rs.30,000 will be taxed at a higher rate as compared to those below Rs.30,000.

This is not the first time that Pakistan has imposed taxes on mobile phone imports; similar taxes were introduced back in 2016 but were later withdrawn.

PTA Tax Calculator For Passport Holders

Complete Detail and PTA Tax Calculation are available. PTA Tax Calculation varies on Different Mobile Phones as per price range, here is the Rate of Duty Tax calculation available for Passport Holders (2021-2022). Tax and Duty are Applied within 60 Days of Arrival in Pakistan.

Mobile Price Range in DollarsPTA Price Tax Amount in Pakistani Rupees
1$ To 30$430
30$ To 100$3200
100$ To 200$9580
200$ To 350$12200 + 17% Sales
Tax Ad Valorem
350$ To 500$17800 + 17% Sales
Tax Ad Valorem
500$ To Above27600 + 17% Sales
Tax Ad Valorem

PTA Tax Calculator For CNIC Holder

PTA Tax Duty and Taxes are Different for CNIC Holders in Pakistan. Calculation of Mobile Phone Prices in Dollars and Converted into Tax Prices in Pakistani Rupees. You Can Check Your Price Range in Dollars and duty Fees as per your mobile phone Price range.

Mobile Price Range in DollarsPTA Price Tax Amount in Pakistani Rupees
1$ To 30$550
30$ To 100$4323
100$ To 200$11561
200$ To 350$14661 + 17% Sales
Tax Ad Valorem
350$ To 500$23420 + 17% Sales
Tax Ad Valorem
500$ To Above37007 + 17% Sales
Tax Ad Valorem

How To Check PTA Mobile Devices Status

Whenever a Customer buys a mobile phone, He/She must check whether the mobile phone is PTA Approved or not? In Case of Imported Phone Duty and Taxes are Paid or not. There are several methods to check the Status of PTA Devices. First of All, you have to reveal your IMEI number, which is a special identification of every mobile made for sale.

How To Check IMEI Number

IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique identifier for mobile devices. It usually consists of 15 digits and is used by carriers to identify valid devices on their network.

IMEI number is used to prevent theft and fraud, as well as to track lost or stolen devices. In some cases, it can be used to unlock a device that has been reported as lost or stolen.

For example, if you want to unlock your iPhone from a specific carrier, you will need to provide the IMEI number of your device to the carrier.

One way to protect your device is to register it with your cellular service provider and, receive a unique identifier number called the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. On a global level, identify valid devices with 15-digit IMEI numbers. To check your device’s IMEI number, you can either Dial *#06# on the device or go to Settings > General > About.

Check Status VIA SMS

As we mentioned above about IMEI Number. Just Dial *06# on your mobile phone dialer, The 15 Digit number will appear on the screen, which is a unique number globally and assigned to every new device made.

  • Open Mobile Message App
  • SMS 15 Digit IMEI Number To 8484
  • You will receive a detailed message about your Mobile PTA Tax Status.

Check Online Status DIRBS Web

  • Visit DIRBS Website
  • Enter 5 Digit IMEI Number
  • Click on the Status Button
  • Online detail of your Device will appear
  • Mobile Made
  • Model
  • PTA Tax & Duty Status
  • Mobile is Blocked/Unblocked

PTA Mobile Tax Registration Methods

How To Pay PTA Tax?

The following methods are used To Pay PTA Mobile Phone Taxes/Duties.

Register Through Mobile

  • Dial *8484#
  • A Welcome Message will appear
  • Select Language
  • 5 Options will appear on the screen
  1. Register Mobile Device
  2. Track Registration Status
  3. Delete Registration Request
  4. Check Registration Device Count
  5. Check Your Device Status
  • Press 1 For Registration
  • If you are registering for the first time Press it and it,s free of cost, otherwise you have to pay fees to register more than one mobile
  • Enter your Passport or CNIC Number
  • Enter SIM Card Slot Number
  • Enter the IMEI Number of both SIM, if you have a single SIM Mobile Enter a Single IMEI Number
  • Enter 1 to complete the registration process

Mobile (Android Application)

If you want to Register through a Mobile Phone App follow these simple steps

  • Sign in to Google Play Store or Apple Store
  • Search Device Verification System (DVS) – DIRBS Pakistan
  • Download PTA Device Verification App

Enter IMEI Number and Press Verify Button

Enter IMEI To verify Device on PTA

If you don’t want to write the IMEI Number, you can also scan it, by Opening the Camera in the app

Scan IMEI Code To Verify PTA

Now IMEI Number is Shown in the Device, just press the Verify button

Verify Device By PTA

Device Status will be shown that your device is compliant or PTA Approved

PTA Device Registration

This message will appear if your device is non-compliant, your IMEI will be paired with your device and, you can continue receiving services

PTA Device Not Registered

The status will show that your Mobile is not verified by PTA, but your services will still continue.

Device is not Verified by PTA but connected on your Number

If your Device is not valid or Approved/Registered by PTA, please register the device by Visiting Telenor, Zong, or JAzz Franchise. Otherwise, Pay FBR Tax/Duties within 60 Days of its first use on Pakistani Mobile Networks.

PTA Device Not Registered

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