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Last Updated on May 3, 2024 by Saddam Hassan Khan

LESCO Duplicate Bill Check Online service is available here. Now You Can get LESCO duplicate bills Copy, print, check, view, and print the duplicate of LESCO online. LESCO is always giving its best to customers with better services, a better helpline, and an online billing system. LESCO is the leading electricity provider in Pakistan. LESCO is not only working on their services, such as New Connections or electricity lines, but they are also working to provide ease to their customers by giving them the best online services. LESCO is offering a check and view duplicate bills online service.

Sometimes¬†LESCO Electricity’s original bill is lost due to some reason or is unable to be delivered to your doorstep. In this case, you can view the check and print the LESCO Duplicate Bill online from your computer, and after that, you can deposit your LESCO due bill of that month. Now you don’t have to worry about it. LESCO has a solution for this problem, and this service is very beneficial for the customer because you can see your LESCO Duplicate Bill online check anytime and anywhere. LESCO Duplicate Bill, you can also see the complete history of your LESCO Bill Payment, which you paid in the early days or the amount that is due, so this option is now at your fingertips. Just open your internet connection and enter the URL in your browser, or click here to open LESCO Duplicate Bill. After opening this link a page will appear, and there are two options.

Enter Your LESCO Reference number or customer number without Alphabet Digit which is written on any previous bill you can locate easily on the front side of your LESCO Bill after that just click on the search button and your LESCO Duplicate bill will be available online and now you can print it or just view or save it

Click Below To Download LESCO Bill

Download Copy of LESCO Bill

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