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KE Duplicate Bill

KE Duplicate Bill January, February 2024 print is available here. If you lost your KE bill or, for some other reason, the bill was not received at your home or office, you don’t have to worry. Just visit the link below and fill in the required information through the K-Electric online web service portal. K Electric makes it easy to print or view the online bill payment method, which is also available. Follow the instructions given below to print the KE duplicate bill

Download KE Bill Copy

To receive a copy of the KE bill from Karachi Electric Company, just visit their website After opening this website, just click on the duplicate bill. After clicking on the link, a new window will open, and it will ask for some simple information. All these steps are easy and simple; anyone can perform this action using an Android mobile phone. Karachi Electric Company provides this facility on its official website, which is mentioned below.

Karachi Electric (KE) is the largest power company in Karachi, Pakistan. It is responsible for generating, transmitting, and distributing electricity to the city’s residents and businesses. KE plays a crucial role in meeting the energy needs of Karachi’s growing population and industrial sector.

  • Account Number
  • Consumer Number
  • E-mail
  • Mobile Number

It’s a very simple method Now, what do you do? Just check your previous KE bill at your home or office and read the required information from the bill, like the account number and consumer number that are written on your previous bill. Put this information here and click submit. After a few seconds, your updated KESC duplicate bill copy will be available for download, printing, and viewing.

Karachi Electric Company makes it very easy If you want a copy, just download the KE bill; it will be in pdf format Just open it and click on print After printing, just go to any Easypaisa shop or bank to pay the KE bill. You can also pay this bill at any bank.

K-Electric Mobile Service

There are two ways to register for the SMS service:

Use this method to get your KE bill information via SMS and without any problem, you can pay your Ke bill online by subscribing to a mobile SMS Service following the given method below

  • Register online; simply submit your 13-digit A/C number and mobile number.
  • Register via SMS; type REG(space) [your 13-digit A/C #] and send this SMS to 8119.

Karachi Electric Supply Company

Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) is the largest electric utility in Pakistan, with a network of more than 1,000 kilometres and over 1,600 employees. KESC provides electricity to Karachi, Sindh province, and parts of Balochistan province. The company has been in operation since 1951 and is owned by the Pakistani government.

Karachi is Pakistan’s most populous city, with over 20 million residents, and its primary economic hub. The city is also the country’s largest metropolis and financial centre. Despite its importance, Karachi has been without a reliable electricity supply for years. This has caused blackouts and power outages that have crippled businesses and hindered economic growth.

Karachi Electric (KESE), the city’s primary electricity supplier, has been struggling to meet demand. The company has been unable to make necessary infrastructure improvements due to financial difficulties. As a result, KESE has been forced to ration electricity, causing widespread blackouts across the city.

The lack of a reliable electricity supply has hurt all aspects of life in Karachi. Businesses have suffered as they are unable to operate during power outages.

Electricity Bills in Pakistan

Pakistanis were left fuming last month when they received their electricity bills. For some, the increase was as much as 400%.

The government has blamed the increases on higher fuel prices and a drop in the value of the Pakistani rupee. However, many Pakistanis believe the government is simply trying to make up for its inefficiencies by passing on the costs to consumers.

In a country where nearly 60% of the population lives below the poverty line, such increases are simply unaffordable. There have been protests in Karachi and Lahore, and the government has been forced to back down for now. But with no long-term solution in sight, it seems likely that Pakistanis will continue to be walloped by rising electricity prices.

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