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How to Share Balance

Share Telenor, Jazz, Ufone Warid, Zong Balance 2022

How to Share Mobile Balance with another mobile by using Mobile balance share services. We are giving you a method of Balance Transfer for all networks by using this method and code you can share your mobile credit to another mobile number. You Can share balance with Family, Friends, and colleagues on the same network while we are giving a method for all mobile networks to follow these steps to share Balance.


Just Dial *828*recipient Number*Amount#. after that message will appear to confirm the transaction by replying by pressing 1. e.g. *828*03331234567*25# Charges are PKR 3.99+tax. The limit of sharing is PKR 200


For Jazz balance share over Mobilink Network then dial *100* RECIPIENT NUMBER*AMOUNT#. Intimation shall be sent to the customer for replying with 1 to acknowledge the transaction. e.g. *100*03001234567*25#. Charges are PKR 3.99+tax and the limit is again PKR 200.


In order to share the balance among Telenor customers, send *1*1*RECIPIENT NUMBER*AMOUNT#. Confirm your transaction by pressing 1. E.g. *1*1*03451234567*25#. Service charges are PKR 3.99+tax and the limit is again PKR 200.


Simply type <RECIPIENT NUMBER>.<AMOUNT> and send it to 999. It’ll be followed by a confirmation message asking you to reply with “Y” to carry on with the transaction. e.g 03121234567.25 and send it to 999. 4% of the transferred amount is going to be charged as a service fee and the limit is PKR 10,000.

Warid sms package

To Share Warid Balance Type “b <Recipient Number> <Amount>” and send it to 2424. Reply with YES to the confirmation message. E.g. B 03211234567 25. Service charges are PKR 3.99+tax and the maximum amount limit is PKR 200.

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