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Google Android Oreo 8.0, Interface, Compatibility & Features

Google Android Oreo 8.0 Features and Interface are given below. Every year Google launches its new operating system with a name based on something sweet, recently Google has launched a new operating system Android Oreo. The new Google Android oreo 8.0 focuses on speed and efficiency. It has also introduced a picture-in-picture (PiP) mode. Few other features are improved such as smart text selection, notification dot, and new Emojis.

Updates in Interface

As for the main interface, it hasn’t changed that much. Everything is still material-designed. The theme is still similar and moving around the user interface (UI) is pretty much exactly the same as Android Nougats. The app drawer is the same, the settings menu is still in its usual spots and the quick settings work pretty much the same way. Those familiar with the system won’t have any trouble getting around.

Changes in the settings menu

There are some changes though, the largest and most noticeable is the settings menu. Many of the settings have been renamed moved around and consolidated in an attempt to make things a little bit easier. For instance, connected devices are now a single item in the settings menu and the slide-out drawer is also gone. As well, in addition, many of the settings of many submenus have been redesigned such as the apps and notification settings have been vastly simplified as the display settings most of the stuff can now be seen in one submenu instead of several.

Google did particularly well at making the settings feel less intimidating and there are also some small UI changes including a slight font change, a slight design change on the lock screen, and the changes in the notifications. Several applications have new icons and the status bar is slightly altered. 

Picture-in-picture (PiP) mode

Picture-in-picture mode brings a fun multitasking feature. Now you won’t be interrupted while watching your YouTube videos or google Duo video chats to text, search, or browse. You can find PiP mode in settings and see which apps support this feature. You can now watch your video on YouTube while posting a picture or can video chat with your friends and check your calendar simultaneously.

Notification Dot

You can now long-press the app icon to see the notifications specifically for that app along with some other options. You can also snooze notifications if you don’t want to deal with them until later.

Notification Channel

Google Android oreo 8.0 now has notification channels that allow you to let only some types of notifications in while ignoring some others for instance google

Smart Text Selection

Android will now try to determine the context of any text that you highlight. If it’s an address you will have an option to open a google map or if it’s a phone number it will give you an option to call. Unknown entries will get a general web search option.

New emojis

Google has changed the emojis’ shape from gumdrops to a rounder faces. New emojis are introduced starstruck, throwing up, fairy, mermaid, giraffe, wizard, etc

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