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Fidget Spinner use

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FIDGET SPINNER Purpose and How to Use?

FIDGET SPINNER is catching a lot of attention recently. You might have seen a triangular thing in a kid’s hand and they keep rotating it all the time. It might have annoyed you and made you think that what a stupid thing it is. The Fidget spinner has become a cool gadget or a toy for kids but that’s not the purpose of a fidget spinner.

Fidget Spinner Purpose

Fidget Spinner was created for kids and people with Autism and ADHD. It was to help them to develop their fine motor skills. It helps reduce anxiety. Fidget Spinners are also given to kids with Autism in school and to people who fidget a lot, like people who keep clicking their pens or do other kinds of annoying stuff-such as shaking their legs while sitting, in nervousness, or while being impatient. This device can help those with too much energy and concentration problems.

Fidget Spinner Sizes and Shapes

FIDGET Spinner comes in all shapes and sizes such as Batman, and Ninja Star Spinner. They are made up of plastic, wood, metal, and even gold. The common one has a triangular or pyramid shape and is made up of plastic with a hole and you spin it around in a circle. They are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Spinners also come in different colors. Some have solid single colors while others may have a pattern on them. Some spinner has LED light attached to them which glows by pressing on them.  Some spinners glow in the dark but you have to expose them to sunlight or any other flashlight.

Fidget Design

In the center circle lies the ball bearings which keep the spinner in rotation. The ball bearings can be made up of either ceramic or metallic. Spinners with a ceramic ball bearing produce a different sound while rotation and have less rotation per minute. Whereas spinners with a metallic ball bearing have a pleasing sound while rotating and have a smooth motion. The speed of a spinner with a Metallic ball bearing is greater than that of a ceramic one.

If you are planning to buy a fidget spinner you might want to consider the Durability, Cost, and Spin time. Spinners made up of plastic are large, unbalanced, and not much durable whereas metal is more durable and more precise. In terms of cost, plastic ones are cheaper than metal ones.

Fidget spinners are like a stress ball. They are also being used as a stress reliever in the office and by people in their homes. They have become so popular among kids which have caused more kids to get them. Kids have also created many tricks with the spinner such as spinning the gadget on a finger or switching it between hands while rotating. Due to this action and continuous usage of the fidget spinner, it has been banned in many international schools as teacher complains that it creates a distraction in classrooms.

You might wonder why it is getting so popular because it is cheap, entertaining, satisfying and it serves its purpose.

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